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Weekly Group Coaching with Eva

Once Monthly Open Q&A Session

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Meetings begin Wednesday April 3, 2024 - 5:30 PM PST


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The Lion's Club - Legacy Edition

12-Month Program

  • The "Partner With You - Live Live On Your Own Terms" Program

  • 12 consultations with Eva - 1 hr each, via Zoom

  • Credit Concierge Service - Text Eva directly to get all your questions answered

  • Access to the Preferred Partner Network

  • Access to Joint Venture Real Estate Investment opportunities

  • One (1) General Admission ticket to in person EmpowerYou events

  • Access to Legacy Edition Invitation Only events

  • Monthly Online Group Coaching Calls

  • Access to the exclusive online community

  • One (1) Flight Assessment 2.0 and 1 hour consultation with a certified Extreme Execution Coach to help understand your behavioral preferences

  • Access to the Financial Literacy Library

  • An exclusive Legacy Edition Welcome Kit

  • Multiple Payment Options Available!

The Credit Builder

6-Month Program

  • The "Done With You" Financial Growth Program

  • Meant for those with a FICO of 640 and above

  • 4 Consultations with Eva - 1 hr each, via Zoom

  • Access to the exclusive online community

  • Access to the Financial Literacy Program library with 90+ videos

  • Monthly Online Group Coaching Calls

  • One (1) Flight Assessment 2.0 and 1 hour consultation with a certified Extreme Execution Coach to help understand your behavioral preferences

  • A copy of the all new EmpowerYou Financial 12-month Undated Planner

  • Multiple Payment Options Available!



A $788 Value ALL for

ONLY $447

Bundle includes the NEW Undated EmpowerYou Planner,

One 1-hour personal credit consultation, the Money Mindset 5-course bundle,

and the 6-part Money Monday's coaching sessions

all for less than a single consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the cost include my spouse?

While we are big on building kingdom couples, the cost of our coaching and membership programs do not include a spouse or partner. However, should you want to build together, there is a the ability to add your spouse to the Lion's Club Legacy Edition, at a discounted price. Each individual has their own Social Security number and ability to build credit independently from one another. EmpowerYou Financial encourages building individually AND together. If you are ready to build TOGETHER, please email us at for more information. 

Does the program work anywhere in the United States?

Yes, absolutely. Money, credit and finances are a nationwide institution, but most importantly, the three major credit bureaus operate in the United States of America. I have serviced thousands of clients all throughout the US.

How soon can I see results; How soon can I see my credit scores increase?

Every client has their own individual financial goals, so results may vary. However, typically my clients have been able to see results within 30 to 60 days of completing their credit report consultation AND taking action on the recommended next steps.  

Do you send dispute letters on my behalf?

No, I do not send dispute letters on your behalf. This is a financial literacy coaching program , so if letters are needing to be sent, I will coach you through exactly how to get that done. There are also online options for the filing of disputes and I can explain how to complete that process as well.

Will you call my creditors for me to negotiate payment plans or settlements?

No I will not. However, I will properly coach you on how to set up the best payment plans, and how to negotiate a high possible reduction off of your debt, if this is the correct option for your financial goals.

Why are your coaching programs so expensive?

I would challenge you not to look at the price of the program but instead, look at the value you are receiving. I have been in the industry for 25+ years. You will be receiving proven, professional guidance based on your current situation and the goals that you want to achieve. There are no machines, there are no scripts, no cookie cutter 5-step programs here. You receive a customized game plan that is SPECIFIC to you from a coach that cares. Your success is my success!

How long do I have access to the online financial literacy video courses?

You will have access to all financial literacy videos for the time that you are actively enrolled in the program.

Can I share the program with my family members?

Access to the program coursework, teachings, group coaching and platform details is meant for the individual paid client only. 

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